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The application field of the crusher blade and its development in the field
- Nov 05, 2018 -

Grinder blades are widely used in a wide range of fields, and can be roughly related to agriculture, forestry, and industrial industries. Crusher blades have different uses in different industries.

The use of shredder blades in agriculture and forestry is relatively simple. Agriculture is mainly used to crush crops such as corn and forestry. It is to smash and reuse some tree waste. Because of its single function, the types of shredder blades are also concentrated. Grinder blades are generally made of steel in agriculture and forestry because of their high hardness and wear resistance. Now the pulverizer blade has been developed more and more, people mostly make a fuss about its hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and other aspects to improve its performance.

Grinder blades are widely used in industry and their types are varied. For example, the grinding of minerals, as people become more and more demanding and more perfect, the processing of products is becoming more and more refined and miniaturized. As a result, ultrafine shredder blades have emerged and will move in a more subtle direction. Since industrial waste is inevitable, its reuse has attracted more and more attention and attention. Especially resources such as steel are inherently scarce resources. Therefore, it is necessary to crush and reuse it by a pulverizer. In this field, more robust and wear resistant materials are needed. So we need to find a material to make this shredder blade.