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The chipper blade is a combination of basic materials and advanced technology
- Sep 17, 2018 -

After more than 30 years of rapid development, the overall strength of China's tool industry has reached a new level. On the other hand, the chipper blade is a combination of basic materials and advanced technology, as well as the foundation of the tool industry technology, not subject to key technologies. At present, China's high-end forestry equipment still needs to be imported. The domestic chipper blades still win the competition with price advantage. The developed countries have won the competition with the advantage of quality, which is as high as 56%. The manufacturing industry is not strong, mainly The performance is not strong, the quality and efficiency is not high, the industrial structure is not good, and the poor resource utilization has become the crux of restricting China's industry from becoming big and strong. It is also the bottleneck that restricts China's ability to improve independent innovation and global competitiveness.

Analysis of the key to the tool industry is not strong, the first is the basic technology and materials, in the advanced production technology and the corresponding technical support, can ensure the development of the enterprise. At this stage, the domestic industrial sector has implemented structural reforms, and the supply of key technical equipment is insufficient. There are more or less factors behind the weak industrial infrastructure. The weak and lagging development of some machinery industries has become the biggest problem that restricts China's manufacturing industry from becoming bigger and stronger. Can we overcome the basic technology, improve the product performance of basic components and the level of key basic materials, and solve the problems of key industries? It has determined that China's tool manufacturing industry can achieve better development and market share.