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The importance of maintaining the paper cutting blade
- Aug 09, 2018 -

Paper cutting machine is widely used in printing plant, packaging industry and other industries, cutting is its most basic and most important function. So imagine the importance of paper cutting blade. The quality of the paper cutting blade will directly affect the cutting quality, so enterprises will have high requirements on the quality, hardness, sharpness and other basic attributes of the blade. In the process of use, if it is not operated according to the operation requirements, it may damage the paper cutter blade, and unreasonable blade grinding Angle can seriously damage the precision and life of the cutter. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain and sharpen the paper cutter blade. If the cutting resistance of the paper cutting machine is increased, the sound of cutting is obviously changed, which means that the blade has been used and should be replaced in time. But when changing, need to be careful, lest get hurt. The above information about paper cutting machine is for reference only, thank you!