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Various kinds of double shaft shredder blade
- Oct 25, 2018 -

Types of double shaft shredder blades in the industry, double-shaft shredders are also called multi-axis shredders, so there are many types of double-shaft shredder blades. Under normal circumstances, double-shaft shredders blade can be divided into single claws, two claws, three claws, multi-claw blades, etc. according to the number of claws grasped by the blade, and there are different loading methods compared with the number of different claws. In the application of weekdays, if you use a three-jaw shredder blade, you should choose the loading method of the round hole, which is suitable for shredding the more flexible paper materials. The two-claw shredder blade is more suitable for shredding materials such as rubber, metal and hard plastic, and the loading method is mainly polygonal holes. When shredding different materials, the number of claws of the double-shaft shredder blade can be cross-excited to achieve very good work efficiency.