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What are the capabilities of knife tool to gain a broad market?
- Jul 17, 2018 -

The hardness requirements of the tool material are usually higher, and the minimum requirement is higher than the material hardness of the workpiece to be machined. The same is true for the slitter blade. However, not only the hardness, but also the tool must have a very high performance to "kill" a living road in the market and win the favor of consumers. High performance requirements for tools include wear resistance, heat resistance, thermal conductivity, and toughness. The following is a specific explanation.


High wear resistance and heat resistance. The wear resistance of the tool material refers to the ability to resist wear. Generally, the higher the hardness of the tool material, the better the wear resistance; the heat resistance is usually measured by the performance of the material at a high temperature to maintain a high hardness, that is, heat. Harder, the better the heat resistance, the stronger the resistance of the tool material to deformation and wear during the cutting process.


Good thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity of the tool material is expressed by thermal conductivity. The thermal conductivity is high and the thermal conductivity is good. The heat generated during cutting is easily conducted out, which reduces the temperature of the cutting part of the tool, reduces the wear of the tool, and improves the thermal shock resistance and heat resistance of the tool material. The ability to crack.


Sufficient strength and toughness. The material of the cutting part of the tool is subjected to a large cutting force and impact force during cutting, so the tool material must have sufficient strength and toughness.


Good processability. Tool materials should have good machinability, including forging, welding, cutting, heat treatment, and grindability, etc., to facilitate the manufacture of circular blades for tools.


Economical. The price is cheap, easy to promote and use, and get good benefits.