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Why do circular blades bounce or vibrate?
- Sep 04, 2018 -

The circular blade is a consumable part. It is believed that many users will have a bounce or vibrate after using the circular blade for a period of time. The user does not understand this phenomenon.

Below we explain the reasons for this phenomenon:

When the circular blade is working, it is rotated at high speed and rubbed with the product. After a long time of work, the blade is heated and the parallel precision cannot keep up with the jumping phenomenon. For some materials, the circular blade has the advantage of high temperature resistance, so it is not affected when it is rubbed. This is also why the user said that there is no such thing as other circular blades. In fact, it is caused by the difference in the material of the blade itself.

Another reason is that the operator has to maintain the circular blade after use. It must be hung vertically after use. This ensures the concentricity. The vertical suspension ensures the long-lasting parallel precision of the blade without deformation. . Therefore, the circular blade must be properly maintained to achieve its efficient production efficiency.

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