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How To Select The Solder For The Blade Welding?
- May 25, 2018 -

How to select the solder for the blade welding?

The function of solder is to firmly weld the blade on the cutter bar. In particular, it is to heat the solder to the melting state, when the solder and the welded metal surface continuously permeate the metal molecules, and the iron dissolves into the liquid copper in the solder, and the copper spreads along the grain boundary of the iron into the iron, so that the solder infiltrates into the welded metal, the deeper the penetration is, the quality of the weld. The better, the greater the bond strength. If the solder is melted, it can not infiltrate the welded metal. There will be a spot on the brazing surface and no good weld. Therefore, the suitable solder is selected, some requirements are required and the surface of the welded metal should be kept smooth and clean.

Requirements for solder:

(1) the melting point of solder should not be too high. It should be lower than the melting point 40--600C of the tool bar, otherwise it will easily melt the blade and cause cracks on the blade. But it can not be too low, too low will affect the strength of the welding, so that the cutter head will be heated and fall off when cutting.

(2) solder should have good fluidity and wettability so as to ensure high strength V and t seams.

(3) solder must be sufficiently tough to weld the weld to withstand intermittent cutting force and impact load.

(4) the weld formed by the solder has a certain plasticity. During the welding process, the welding stress can be eliminated by its own plastic deformation to reduce the cracks.

(5) solder should not contain elements of Yi Yanfa. Otherwise, evaporation of the element at high temperature will affect the strength of the weld and the health of the operator.

(6) the cost of solder is low.