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Application advantages of cutting tool dry cutting technology
- May 25, 2018 -

Application advantages of cutting tool dry cutting technology

With the rapid development of high speed machine tool, machining center and processing technology, the cutting speed and cutting power have increased dramatically, making the amount of metal removal in a unit time increasing. The use of cutting fluid in machine tool process is getting larger and larger, and the flow rate is sometimes as high as 80 ~ 100L/min. But in high speed cutting, cutting fluid is difficult to reach the cutting area, and cutting fluid is difficult to play a cooling role. Therefore, the development of high speed cutting technology has promoted the research of dry cutting technology.

Dry cutting technology is a major innovation in traditional production mode, and a new clean manufacturing technology. All countries in the world are increasingly stringent environmental protection laws and regulations, which are conducive to accelerating the popularization and application of dry cutting technology. The development of various hard and high temperature cutting tool materials and their coating technology has created extremely favorable conditions for dry cutting technology; the smallest lubrication device effectively applies the appearance of various standard hole hole machining standard cutters to make quasi dry cutting aluminum alloy. Gold processing of various difficult processing materials has been applied more and more. It is a new green manufacturing technology. It is of great significance to the implementation of human sustainable development strategy, and the frontier manufacturing technology in the new century.