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Application of chipper knife
- Jul 11, 2018 -

Wood chipper knives are used in the manufacture of man-made board special mechanical equipment (chipper) blade, is widely used in paper making, particieboard, fiber board and other industrial production in the material production and the wood chip production of a single, cutting raw materials mainly timber production and processing.


At present, the use of wood chip cutter knife has been expanded from wood chip production, artificial board production, wood processing industry to paper, bamboo cutting, agricultural machinery, building materials and other industries.


Chipper knife is mainly used for cutting the wood raw material, pine, miscellaneous wood, poplar, fir and other kinds of log, the roots, branches, used.usually wood, bamboo, slab material, cutting firewood remaining material, cotton stalk, stem and other non-wood fiber, etc.,


The knife of wood chipper can be divided into two types according to the mechanical structure: disk type wood chipper knife: the cutting knife is mounted on the disk and the disk type chipper.


Wood chipper knife can be divided into three types: general processing (4-6 knives), multi-tool structure (8-12 knives) and spiral surface structure. In addition, there are inclined feeding and horizontal feeding. The cutting pieces of long logs are generally made of flat feed, while the cutting pieces of short logs and veneer can be made of inclined feed or flat feed.


In general, the wood chipper knives USES the alloy tool steel processing and manufacturing, through professional heat treatment, blade hardness HRC55-58 °, must ensure that the edge is sharp for a long time, wear resistance, to ensure cutting wood quality and production efficiency.


Drum knife: the flying knife is installed in the radial direction of the drum wheel. The direction of cutting force changes with the change of the position of the flying knife, so the value and direction of the component Pu in the feeding direction caused by the cutting force P also change. The feeding trough is rectangular, with small height and width, which means low material accumulation and even wood cutting. Generally, there is a mandatory feeding device; Different power is used for cutting at different positions. A flying knife cuts wood intermittently. Drum wheel axial length.


Ordinary disk type blade machine: the flying knife is mounted on the end face of the cutter disk and has a certain Angle of forward tilt. The cutting plane of the flying knife is fixed, and the length of the cutting wood is even. The feed inlet is square, so that the material is piled up high, and the cutting productivity is free from the mandatory feeding device. Drum wheel axial short; Ordinary disk cutting machine is also intermittent cutting, but the design of multi-tool disk cutting machine can achieve continuous cutting.