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Paper cutting knife metal composite rolling
- Jul 12, 2018 -

The production methods of the metal composite board include a composite rolling method, an extrusion method, an explosion composite method, and a brazing method.


The composite rolling method refers to a processing method in which two or more kinds of metals (base material and multi-layer material) having different physical and chemical properties are firmly bonded to each other on the entire contact surface by rolling. The strips produced by composite rolling have better special properties than the constituent materials. For the rolling of composite sheets, the combined structure of the blanks is roughly classified into two types: a sandwich type and a surface composite type. The composite rolling method may be cold rolling or hot rolling, and the cold rolling is to directly laminate a plurality of metal sheets. In hot rolling, after welding, the edge gap is welded and heated and rolled. This is the method for the paper cutting knife body and edge combined.


The extrusion method is a method in which a combined bimetallic billet is used for extrusion production. The explosive composite method is powered by an explosion that combines the metal under high impact pressure. This method is not limited by the melting point and plasticity difference of the combined metal, but the length and yield of the produced products are limited and the technical requirements are high. The brazing method is a method in which two metal plates are bonded together by using an infiltrating liquid metal phase which can be welded together by two metal plates during solidification.