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Blade edge angle affects usage
- Jul 27, 2018 -

In the selection of plastic blades, considering various conditions, these conditions are combined to select a suitable shredder blade. These conditions include plastic materials, materials for plastic blades, and ease of cutting. The angle of the main blade is also required, and the angle refers to the angle formed between the edge of the plastic blade and a plane which has a large influence on the use of the blade.


When the plastic blade is pulverized, it is notified of the high-speed rotation of the machine and the sharp edge. The edge of the shredder blade must have high hardness and wear resistance, and it is also important to have good machinability. When the knife edge angle is too large, the wear resistance is good and the strength is higher, but the sharpness is reduced. When the knife edge angle is small, the sharpness is very good, but the result is that the strength becomes lower and becomes brittle.


Usually, the angle of the plastic blade is designed to be 40 degrees, which maintains a balance between sharpness and strength, and allows a deviation of 5 degrees according to the time processing capability of the shredder. Choosing a suitable blade angle not only allows the plastic particles to be pulverized more finely, but also makes the blade more durable. So must pay attention to the angle when ordering the blade.