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How to solve the common problem of the shredder blade?
- Jul 27, 2018 -

The plastic shredder is a kind of high-speed rotating machine. The plastic shredder blade will encounter various problems in use. It is very important to master the problem handling method. Here are some common problems for customers' reference.


First, during the use process, I heard the sound of the shredder being abnormal and the plastic shredder blade swaying obviously.

1. The plastic blade is not clamped by screws, which causes obvious abnormal noise when the shredder rotates at high speed. This is necessary to check all the screws once and must be tightly tightened.

2. Check if there is any doubt in the shredder. The plastic shredder is used to pulverize the plastic. If other materials such as metal enter, it will cause the blade edge of the shredder.

3. Check if the cutter shaft of the crusher is loose. The shaft of the crusher has one end loose, which will cause eccentric rotation when rotating, causing abnormal noise of the machine.


Second, the plastic shredder blade edge cracked

1. It may be a problem with the blade itself. When the steel is too high during production, the edge of the blade is cracked. The next time you do it, reduce the steel fire.

2. When smashing plastic, it encounters metal. The hardness of the metal is very high, which will directly cause the blade edge to crack. When smashing, do not put the metal into it.


Third, the plastic shredder blade can not be installed

1. The eye distance of the blade is wrong. If the eye distance is deviated, the screw will not be aligned tightly, and the shredder blade should be re-customized.

2. Blade length problem, this kind of situation usually occurs in the lower knife of the plastic shredder blade. Some machine tool knives are two pieces of splicing. If the blade is too long, the two knives cannot be installed side by side. Just one point.