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Circular blade uses high speed steel as the material's performance characteristics
- Feb 04, 2019 -

Powder metallurgy high-speed steel, also called powder high-speed steel, is a technology for the production of alloy powder, which has been developed for more than twenty-five years. Because the quality of this material is relatively good, many round blade manufacturers now choose this material to make round inserts.

The round blade manufactured by powder metallurgy high-speed steel has the advantages of good toughness, high hardness, small heat treatment deformation and good grinding property. The round insert of powder metallurgy high-speed steel material can obtain high hardness by special heat treatment, and can maintain high hardness and high wear resistance at 550~600 °C. If the round blade with the outer shape is close to the finished product is directly formed by sintering compaction or powder forging, the utility model can save labor, save materials and reduce production cost.

However, at present, China is using a powder metallurgy high-speed steel material to manufacture round inserts. The process is not very mature, and the gap is still relatively large compared with foreign countries. It is impossible to master the technology in heat treatment, so the hardness and material repelling phenomenon will occur in the circular blade, which will cause the hardness of the round blade of the powder metallurgy high-speed steel material to be insufficiently brittle. I hope that in the future, we can continue to master the technology of manufacturing circular blades for powder metallurgy high-speed steel, and we can further catch up with foreign technology for the development of round blades.