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Process improvement of slitting circular blade
- Feb 03, 2019 -

First, the dynamic balance of the cutting circular blade is of great help to the improvement of the blade, because the unbalanced amount of the circular blade will generate an additional radial load on the spindle system, and its size is proportional to the square of the rotational speed.

Second, the clamping method of the circular blade, the clamping method of the circular blade is not allowed to be clamped by the general friction force, and the blade with the belt, the screw clamping method, or the specially designed circular blade structure is used to avoid the blade flying knife Seat, the clamping force direction of the blade is in common with the centrifugal force direction. The pre-tightening force of the screw should be controlled together to prevent the screw from being damaged in advance due to overload. For small-diameter shank milling cutter, hydraulic chuck or thermal expansion and contraction can be used. The shrink chuck completes the high precision and high rigidity of the clamping.

Third, the cutting machine blade titanium alloy as a blade material can effectively reduce the crack of the circular blade and increase its rotation speed. However, since titanium alloy is not very useful for the slit, it is not suitable for the manufacture of the cutter body. Therefore, some high-speed milling cutters have begun to manufacture the cutter body with high-strength aluminum alloy.

Last, In the construction of the slitting circular knife, the force concentration should be avoided and reduced as much as possible. The groove on the blade will cause the stress to drop the strength of the blade. Therefore, the corner of the groove and the bottom of the groove should be avoided as much as possible.