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Development of domestic slitting knife anti-rust oil
- Sep 19, 2018 -

Anti-rust oil is important for machine knife including slitting knife. We need to brush the anti-rust oil on the slitting knives before delivery.

Anti-rust oil has the advantages of good anti-rust effect, convenient use, low cost, easy construction, easy operation and easy removal, and has been widely used in the production of slitting circular inserts. With the continuous improvement of market requirements, in recent years, there has been an oil-repellent anti-rust oil on the market, which can meet the needs of protection and use of slitting circular blades under various conditions. The lubricating rust-proof dual-purpose oil that has been developed has been widely used in various industries, and can be directly used without removing the film, and the market demand for such rust-preventing oil is also increasing.

The anti-rust oil film used in industrialized countries is very thin, and there are thin layers and ultra-thin layers of anti-rust oil. The oil film thickness can reach several micrometers, and the slitting circular blade using such rust preventive oil has an attractive appearance and has no sticky feeling when touched by hand. This not only saves a lot of anti-rust oil, reduces the cost of use, but also plays a role in reducing other losses. In China, the oil film of general anti-rust oil can reach more than 20m, which not only affects the appearance of the coating, but also limits the scope of use, and causes a lot of waste and loss. When the conditions of use are met, the viscosity of the rust preventive oil should be minimized. Low viscosity is easy to apply, and it can effectively reduce the thickness of the oil film, which can save the loss.

In today's industrialized development, anti-rust oil has been developed into a thin layer and an ultra-thin layer. It not only has a good hand feeling, but also facilitates the removal of the oil film, and does not affect the appearance of the used parts. It can adapt to the rust-proof requirements of the slitting circular blade, and can be adapted according to different The use of the site, with a strong targeted anti-rust products, to meet the special needs of the production of slitting circular blade manufacturing enterprises.

At present, the annual output of anti-rust oil products in China has exceeded 20,000 tons. However, in terms of anti-rust effect and variety, it is still unable to meet the needs of slitting blade manufacturers. According to the survey, the main problem of domestic anti-rust products is that the anti-rust oil anti-corrosion effect is not ideal during the storage of the slitting circular blade, and the oil layer is too thick, which seriously affects the appearance.

In recent years, most factories and industries in China have formulated effective anti-rust process regulations and anti-rust management systems in line with industry and actual conditions, and established the National Technical Committee for Standardization of Metal and Non-Metallic Coatings (cs.BTS/TC57). ) Anti-rust sub-committee, unified planning and repair, and standard setting. At present, the domestic anti-rust materials are low, medium-end, and high-grade, and the overall level needs to be improved. The development of anti-rust technology is unbalanced. Some small factories have no anti-rust measures during production, storage and transportation. At present, in the domestic anti-rust process for the production process of slitting circular blades, 60% to 70% are manual operations, and 30% to 40% are semi-automatic, which is quite different from advanced countries.

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