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Shearing machine blade cutting, sheet metal production first step
- Sep 21, 2018 -

At present, with the improvement of sheet metal technology, the blade cutting machine industry has also achieved good development. In sheet metal processing, it is inseparable from the blade. The first step in the production process of the sheet metal chassis requires the use of a shearing machine blade for blanking.

Due to the complexity of sheet metal processing, a qualified sheet metal chassis needs to go through a series of production processes from design to finished product. The first step in the design is to first clarify the size of the chassis, the functions that the chassis needs to have, the fineness of the appearance and the dimensional accuracy. Knowing this, you can design the computer, and the designer sketches the drawings according to the requirements, size and hole position. The manufacturing requirements of the product can be displayed more intuitively for the next production.

In the production stage, after the processing personnel get the drawings of the product, the first step is to use the shearing machine blade to cut the material, and then bend the forming. After stamping, welding, grinding and spraying, a complete product is formed. After being packaged with appropriate experience, it can be sent to the warehouse for the customer to pick up the goods. In actual production, high-quality shearing machine blades have high shearing efficiency and small burrs, which can greatly increase the production efficiency of sheet metal chassis and improve product qualification rate. Therefore, the precision production enterprises will demand a higher level in the selection of tools. Only in this way is the premise guarantee of quality production.