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High speed cutting technology processing application
- Jul 07, 2018 -

High speed cutting skill machining high temperature alloys correspond to different workpiece materials, and the critical value of high speed cutting varies due to the different machinability of each material. In high temperature alloy cutting processing, due to the material reflects the many difficult machining features, making it extremely poor processing performance, thus usually cutting speed is lower than Rio, as usual at about 10 to 20 m/min. According to figure 1, when the cutting speed reached 15 ~ 30 m/min, the thought that the velocity in the ordinary cutting and high speed cutting of transition region, when the cutting speed is higher than 30 m/min, can think them completely in a state of high speed cutting.


Progress in high-speed machining, cutting speed to a certain threshold, along with the progress of the cutting speed, cutting force, low chip away heat is relatively more, to the cutting tool and workpiece heat relative matter. Therefore, although the cutting temperature rises rapidly at the beginning, it will slow down gradually after reaching a certain speed and increase little or even drop slightly. Therefore, high machining precision and productivity can be achieved in high speed machining.


The high temperature, in fact, a kind of high temperature alloy cutting processing, and high temperature alloy, hard alloy at high temperature (1000 ℃) hardness will be clear to land, to is the application of high speed cutting skills, impartially select cutting speed and cutting will make the cutting efficiency and cutting result is improved obviously.


High speed cutting of high temperature alloy cutting tool material should have high strength, high red hardness, good abrasion resistance and toughness, high thermal conductivity and resistance to adhesive ability, etc., suitable for high speed cutting tool material strain everything: coated carbide cutting tools, ceramic knives and cubic boron nitride (CBN) cutting tools, etc.