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Classification of plastic cutting blades
- Jul 06, 2018 -

Plastic damage machine blade/divided into damage machine blade, power crusher blade, granulator blade.


Breaker blade

1. The damage machine blade, also known as the plastic blade and the plastic damage blade, is a kind of mechanical blade which is placed on the plastic damage machine and used for plastic damage.


2: Damage machine blade acceptance flat planning, divided into the damage and the moving knife knife, like a pair of ordinary machine blade for 5 pieces, by three slices of destruction and 2 pieces of the moving knife knife, damage to a resolution of moving high-speed rotating with the knife incubated shear came to destroy the purpose of the plastic material, can destroy modulation to control the moving knife damage grain size.


3: The destruction of various ABS, PE, PP plates and other plastic materials should be properly used for destroying the machine blade; The damage machine blade is divided into two types: full steel blade and insert steel blade.


4: There are two kinds of blades of the damage machine, the whole steel blade and the insert steel blade. The hardness of heat treatment is hrc52-55 degrees.


Powerful crusher blade

1. The powerful crusher blade is a kind of rigid blade which is placed on the powerful crusher and used for large plastic damage.


2: Strong crusher blade by the fixed knife, claw, spiral hob, the claw, spiral hob high-speed rotating blade to broken plastic products, has high production efficiency, characteristics of particles well-balanced, powerful crusher blade collocation layout manufacturing than flat is big.


3: The powerful crusher blade is suitable for crushing most plastic products such as sheet, pipe, profile, plate and packaging materials.


4: The powerful crusher blade has two types: full steel blade and insert steel blade, and hrc55-58 degree of heat treatment hardness.


Granulator blade

1. The granulator blade, also known as the granulator blade, is a kind of mechanical blade which is placed on the plastic granulator and used for the granulation of plastic particles.


2: Granulator blade is set by the knife, granulation of hob, as usual for a granulation hob with a knife, granulation hob is a kind of cylindrical slash spiral blade of roll cutting blade, divided into two kinds of all steel cutter and hob with steel, large manufacturing processes; Fixed knife accepted flat knife planning, processing and manufacturing relatively brief.


3: The granulator blade is suitable for pelleting of most plastic particles such AS PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABS, AS and HIPS.


4: The heat treatment hardness of the granulator blade hrc58-62 degrees.