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How to repair the crusher blade?
- Feb 07, 2019 -

The mechanical blade is used by mounting the integral super-hard blade with the effective cutting edge on the original arbor or the body. If the effective cutting edge is completely ground, it is discarded, that is, it can be used as an indexable insert. use. Especially with the popularization of CNC machine tools, indexable inserts can accurately determine the position of the tool tip, otherwise it needs to be reground, making great contributions to labor saving and improving productivity. However, simply discarding it, from limited resources With a little consideration, it is also necessary to conduct research on resource conservation. Therefore, blade grinding is always a very resource-saving performance.

The advent of super-hard alloys produced by powder metallurgy has made it possible to cut harder materials at higher speeds and higher efficiency. What is happening is the current synthetic diamond and cubic tantalum nitride. The practical use of sintered body tools such as (CBN). The crusher blades of this material are more difficult to perform, and the blade grinding is more difficult.

On the other hand, compared to this super-hard blade material, the so-called front steel also has to re-evaluate its performance improvement. Among the material types, the front steel is divided into tungsten and platinum, which are widely used in a wide range of applications, especially in the fields where forming tools and superhard alloys have disadvantages in the low speed range. Due to the annoyance of the material, shape and type of the crusher blade, the conditions for the grinding of the blade are also different. Therefore, knowledge about the blade material, the shape of the tip, the choice of the grinding wheel, and the method of grinding the blade of the crusher are becoming more and more important.