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Cutting machine blade wear and solution
- Feb 09, 2019 -

I believe that many people have found that the cutting machine blade is too worn out in daily life. Then, let's look at how to identify the wear of the shredder blade.

First, the blade wear transition.

Solution: change the knife or replace the cutting edge in time

Second, the flow rate of the cutting fluid is insufficient or the filling method is incorrect, causing the pulverizer blade to gather and collect heat and damage it.

Solution: 1. Increase the flow rate of the cutting fluid; 2. Arrange the position of the cutting fluid nozzle reasonably; 3. Use effective cooling methods such as spray cooling to improve the cooling effect; 4. Use dry cutting to reduce the blade of the cutting machine. Thermal shock.

Third, the pulverizer blade is not installed correctly. For example, the cutting circular blade is installed too high or too low;

Workaround: Reinstall the blade

Fourth, the process system is too rigid, causing excessive cutting vibration.

Solution: 1. Increase the auxiliary support of the workpiece to improve the rigidity of the workpiece; 2. Reduce the overhang of the cutter blade; 3. Reduce the back angle of the mechanical blade; use other vibration-absorbing measures.

Fifth, the operation is not very good. For example, when the cutter blade is cut from the middle of the workpiece, the action is too strong, and the knife has not been retracted, that is, the parking is stopped.