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Ink blade hardness selection
- Aug 03, 2018 -

Frequently, customers ask questions about the hardness of the ink scraper. "How much hardness does the ink scraper have?" "The hardness of the ink scraper is not high enough" and so on. The hardness of the ink scraper is usually from the recognition. The higher the better, how to grasp the "high" degree of hardness to achieve the best life and the effect of scraping the ink? Here, Elite Heavy Industry will answer the questions about the hardness of the ink scraper.


For example: the printing cylinder type of the chrome plate cylinder is usually used, the surface is HV850-1100 hardness. At this time, we should use the ink blade with lower hardness than the printing plate. The ink blade with too high hardness is easy to be used. Causes the default on the plate. And will leave a knife mark, so that the quality of the printed product has an impact; although the hardness of the ink scraper can not be too high, and can not be too low, too low will make the ink can not be cleaned, and because of the low hardness will also make the ink scraper The service life is shortened. Therefore, at this time, an ink squeegee having a hardness of about HV600 is most suitable, which can ensure the ink squeegee of the ink squeegee, and does not cause great wear and tear on the printing plate.


In order to prevent the paste from appearing on the line of the scraper during production printing, the ink scraper is sharpened more sharply. However, an excessively sharp ink squeegee can cause undesirable adverse effects, and even damage the printing plate due to the sharpness of the squeegee, which shortens the life of the printing plate.


Whenever there is a scraper line phenomenon, most people think that it is caused by the ink scraper moving left or right or because the ink scraper blade becomes dull and the damage is notched; if the scraper is not movable, it should be the plate damage. It is. In fact, sometimes it is because the printing plate first breaks the edge of the ink scraper, and then moves left and right when the blade of the ink scraper collapses. Therefore, it is not correct to think that the occurrence of the doctor blade as a doctor blade or a printing plate according to the movement of the doctor blade line. There is no line mark after the re-grinding knives are installed, but when the wire marks appear after several rotations, the plate must be damaged first and then the squeegee is affected. At this time, you should stop the plate and polish it again, and then grind the ink scraper. There will also be a case of wire marks. When the blade of the blade is stuck with foreign matter, a line mark will appear. This kind of person will also mistakenly believe that the blade is damaged due to the gap. Therefore, it should be judged from various aspects why there is a line mark, not just a problem of scraping a knife.


The main purpose of the ink scraper is to scrape the ink. The quality of the ink directly affects the quality of the printed product. Therefore, when buying the ink scraper, it must not be made. It is necessary to choose a scraper with high effect and high quality. Avoid unfavorable problems caused by printing.