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Tips for metal shredder knife user
- Aug 03, 2018 -

Except for paying attention to the quality of shredder knife, customer should be aware of the importance of shredder maintenance. During the use of the metal shredder, the wear and tear increased significantly, and abnormal noise occurred, indicating that the use of the lubricating oil was not very good. In addition to the material and design problems, the choice of lubricating oil is not reasonable enough. First, the viscosity is not suitable enough. Second, the mixing of new oil and old oil. Although this may have some short-term effects, the oil performance will be significantly reduced and the lubrication conditions of the metal shredder bearings will be deteriorated. This leads to an increase in bearing wear, which in a sense is the life of a short bearing.


The metal shredder is regularly lubricated to extend its service life. From the perspective of economic efficiency, oil products should be used more accurately and effectively. Whether to change the oil, change the oil properly, in addition to complying with the oil change period, it should also be based on factors such as the start-up time and operating rate of the equipment, so that the oil can be used. Metal shredders, heavy-duty, low-speed, price-adjusted and continuous production characteristics, in the daily maintenance, a variety of lubricants, especially on the main bearing bearing capacity. We should also pay attention to several related aspects in the daily lubrication management and use of bearings to improve work efficiency and extend the service life of bearings.