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Maintenance and grinding of Paper Cutting Knife for Polar Cutter (二)
- Jun 23, 2018 -

The steps are:

1. Think that Paper Cutting Knife for Polar Cutter has been polished (no spark is seen), so there is no need to give the feed amount. Let the grinder reciprocate several trips by itself.

2. Remove the blade from the grinding machine and manually grind the knife with the pumice stone to obtain an excellent sharp edge. The method is to gently remove the tiny burrs generated by the grinder on the cutting edge with the oil-soaked pumice stone, and rotate the pumice stone to the full length of the blade against the front cutting surface.

3. In the same way mobile oil stone to the blade span after fine grinding surface, but the sharpening stone slightly tilting Angle, with no more than 1 ° advisable after grinding by the above method, a blade of ideal in order to be complete.

Wedge angle is also called cutting edge angle, it is the main Angle that affects cutting performance directly, the Angle is large and small depending on cutting.

Paper cutting machine is a necessary equipment for printing enterprises. It is widely used in printing and publishing industry, paper making industry, packaging industry, decoration and other industries. Its most basic function and application is cutting. Cutting the final actuator is the blade. On the one hand, the quality of Paper Cutting Knife for Polar Cutter and its use directly affect the cutting quality; on the other hand, the unreasonable cutting angle and use will seriously damage the precision and life of the paper cutting machine. Therefore, the first step in the application and maintenance of the paper cutting machine is to use the maintenance and sharpening knife well.