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Metal shredder blade technology
- Jul 25, 2018 -

In the shredder blade, it is mainly divided into three types: the shredder blade (the plastic knives blade is divided into a plastic shredder blade/crusher blade/pelletizer blade/granulator blade), the metal shredder blade and the rubber shredder blade. Here, we mainly introduce the blade of the metal shredder - the can crusher blade.


The mechanical blade has developed better in the fierce market competition, and has improved the design and independent innovation capability of the enterprise. The newly launched metal shredder blade auxiliary machine--iron-aluminum separator has received great response in the recycling industry. Has been widely used.


Nowadays, there are more and more types of cans. The recycling of waste cans is of great importance to the replenishment of aluminum resources. Therefore, iron-aluminum separators have emerged as the times require and have been widely praised. In daily life, many people think that cans are made of iron. In fact, a large part of cans are made of aluminum. Aluminum has a series of advantages. Currently, the specifications of aluminum raw materials on the market are high, but its greatest advantage can be its recovery. Strong, can be recycled repeatedly. Compared with the production of primary aluminum, recycled aluminum has little difference, and the recycling loss is only 2% to 3%. Recycling can save about 95% of energy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which is of great significance for building a low-carbon economy.


The metal shredder blade is a high-hardness shredder blade that can easily pulverize and reuse used cans, beer cans, cola cans, paint buckets, etc.; and, the pulverization effect is very good; The metal particles are high-quality raw materials for steel mill steelmaking, and have an important position in the recycling and reuse of metal resources. Now, after supporting the aluminum-iron separation device, the crushed iron and aluminum can be separated to further improve the production efficiency.


At present, the shredder blade used in the can crusher can not only pulverize the aluminum product, but also separate the aluminum and iron, improve the purity of the aluminum, and prepare for the subsequent aluminum recycling.