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Cr12 or Cr12MoV, which is good for slow shredder knife
- Jul 25, 2018 -

On the slow plastic shredder, the most used materials are the slow shredder tools of SKD11 and Cr12MoV, but some customers found that there is another material called Cr12 when buying the Cr12MoV material blade, and Cr12MoV is in the chemical element. I feel close, but the latter is much cheaper than the former, I don't know the difference.


In fact, the two materials are very different and do not belong to the same type of steel. Cr12MoV is a mold steel and Cr12 is an alloy tool steel. The former is very good in toughness and wear resistance and is often used as a medium and high-end shear blade material. Cr12 is a kind of good wear resistance and poor toughness. Compared with Cr12MoV, it lacks two chemical elements which can increase the toughness and wear resistance of Mo and V. This leads to the same use of Cr12 and Cr12MoV as slow speed. When crushing machine tool materials, Cr12 is more susceptible to damage, while the latter can be used for several times.



Therefore, when choosing a slow shredder knife, choosing Cr12MoV or SKD11 is the best choice because the cost performance of these two materials is much higher than that of Cr12.