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PC plastics are widely used, and the industry prospects are bright
- Dec 20, 2018 -

PC plastic is no stranger to us. We use PC plastic products almost every day. It is widely used in our life and work. But for PC plastics used in manufacturing, I don't think everyone knows about it. Let's take a look at the application and development prospects of PC plastics in the manufacturing industry.

First, industrial PC plastics (also known as polycarbonate) are a tough thermoplastic resin whose name is derived from its internal CO3 group. It can be synthesized from bisphenol A and oxychlorocarbon (COCl2). It is a kind of engineering with high impact strength, good dimensional stability, colorless and transparent, good coloring, electrical insulation, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It is suitable for making small parts, insulating transparent parts and impact resistant parts. plastic. It mainly has several features:

1. Amorphous material, strong plasticity, good thermal stability, wide forming temperature range, poor fluidity, small moisture absorption, small molding shrinkage;

2. Superior impact resistance, impact strength ranks among the best in thermoplastics;

3. Design and process extremely flexible applications;

4. Low linear expansion coefficient, small thermal expansion coefficient; high dimensional stability and good fatigue resistance;

5. Good finish and adhesion to the cover film;

6. Excellent electrical characteristics;

7. Odorless and odorless, harmless to the human body, in line with health and safety;

Its characteristics determine its wide range of applications, its main application areas are:

1. Electronic appliances: mobile phone casing, nano injection molding, CD, home appliance casing, telephone casing, etc.;

2. Optical illumination: lamp cover, protective glass, left and right eyepiece tube of optical instrument, etc.;

3. Medical devices: cups, canisters, bottles for medical use, dental instruments, drug containers and surgical instruments;

4. Building materials: double siding of hollow ribs, greenhouse glass, etc.;

5. Daily use industry: tableware, toys, and models;

In recent years, with the rapid development of the construction industry, automobile manufacturing, medical and electronic appliances industry, the demand for PC plastics has expanded rapidly. Ten years ago, the demand for the optical automotive industry had reached 30,000 tons, and the demand for packaging in the field had reached 60,000 tons. Nowadays, more fields are being applied to PC engineering plastics, such as the application of new technology nano-injection molding, which will push the application of PC plastics to another level. According to the analysis of the industrial products procurement website Fulfill Mall, from 2009 to last year, the compound annual growth rate of general engineering plastics production capacity was 7.6%. PC and PBT are still the main growth points, and the self-sufficiency rate will increase to 41% this year. The commodity manager of Fugao Mall said that only domestic PC production can no longer meet the market demand. Although China's PC production capacity is growing very rapidly, it still cannot fully meet domestic demand, and some varieties have insufficient domestic technical level and cannot be produced. They must be imported from abroad. . This shows that the PC plastics industry has a bright future and will be more widely used in the future.