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Precautions for using the ink scraper
- Dec 31, 2018 -

The ink scraper moves left and right to reduce the scraper line, improve the scraper utilization, and reduce the wear on the plate making. If the ink blade is not normal, it will affect the quality of the printed product. Therefore, pay attention to the following conditions when working with the ink scraper.


1. The sharpness of the ink scraper

The sharpness of the knife depends on whether the new knife, the angle of the blade when sharpening the knife, and the type of sandpaper (oilstone) used. The sharpness of the knife should be such that it effectively scrapes the ink without generating a knife. Too sharp scrapers tend to produce traces of the knife while wearing the plate.

2. Pressure

The factors affecting the pressure of the ink scraper are the size of the cylinder pressure, the difference between the hard and soft blades, the angle at which the ink scraper intersects the plate, etc., the greater the slope, the greater the pressure. Excessive pressure will reduce the transfer rate of the ink, and the printing plate and the blade will wear more. If the pressure is too small, the dirty plate may occur or the doctor blade line may appear.

3. The distance the ink blade contacts the plate

The reduction of the distance between the blade and the printing plate is beneficial to increase the ink transfer rate, but it is easy to produce a dirty plate; otherwise, it can effectively solve the dirty plate and avoid some small line marks, but it will reduce the ink transfer rate.

4. Flatness of the ink scraper

The flatness and warpage of the ink scraper mainly depends on the method of installation, and of course it may be related to the sticking of foreign matter in the blade holder groove or the blade or the lining.

When the flatness of the ink scraper is poor, some water-like impressions appear on the edge of the printed surface, or some intermittent line marks appear from time to time. Some people think that the ink is rough and the ink flow is not good enough to produce the above phenomenon. In fact, the knife is not flat and this situation will occur.

5. Movement of the ink scraper

When there is a line mark in printing, one is causing a plate injury, and the other is that the ink blade is not sharp. However, another reason is that foreign matter sticks behind the blade. The solution is to move the squeegee up and down to remove the adhesive. If it can't be smashed, it can only stop the squeegee.

Another problem is related to the scraper, and many people misunderstood it as caused by ink. This refers to dozens of irregular line marks that sometimes appear irregular. It looks like ink is piled up. It is different from the scraper line. It is not continuous, but sometimes it is not. This is actually a scraper. The pressure is too small or the scraper is not sharp enough.