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The chipper knife, all steel better or inlay better?
- Jan 03, 2019 -


The chipper knife for the early sawdust machine is generally made of manganese steel, the cost is low, the process is simple, and the used time of the crushed material is short. Because of the lower price, it becomes the first choice for many wood sawdust machine manufacturers. 

Although it is not easy to use, people still use it. But with the development of technology and customer demands, the material of high-alloy heat-resistant steel has been introduced. High hardness and high wear resistance have become the first choice for new materials. When smashing hard dry wood, better results can be obtained. The chipper knife can be stable without sharpening for 2 hours, wet wood can even last for more than half a day, no annealing, no roll! However, due to the all-steel chipper knife, the overall steel manufacturing cost is large, the heat treatment is complicated, the construction period is long, the price is high, and then the steel plate material is replaced, and the blade part is a piece of high alloy steel, such as A8 material. Since only the chipper knife edge is inlaid with steel, the material saved a lot, the price is reduced a lot, and it can be as good as the whole steel, so that it has become a hot item!


However, through trial and customer feedback, when the thickness of the chipper knife is less than 11mm, it is not recommended to inlay steel, because when the chipper knife is too thin, and the welded part is easy to break and fall off steel. This requires the attention of the customer, not all chipper knives are suitable for inlay technology. If your chipper knife has a certain thickness, then we recommend using inlay steel to reduce the cost.

chipper knife drawing

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