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How to protect the sharp edge of the shredder knife
- Sep 26, 2018 -

As a necessary tool for plastic processing plants, plastic shredder knives are often used for crushing and recycling of various waste materials. It is the most important processing tool for waste recasting. It determines the production of plastic defective products and can be used in various shapes and specifications. Dimensional plastics are broken into recyclable plastic pieces to ensure proper injection molding. At present, the manufacturing material of the shredder knife is mainly made of manganese steel, generally consisting of a rotary knife and a stationary knife. The shredder knife has a single-sided 45° cutting edge, and more than two adjustable screw mounting holes have better hardness. And toughness, can guarantee the crushing production of various plastics.

The shredder knife has a sharp edge and is therefore not suitable for pulverization of materials such as metal. Therefore, for sharp and vulnerable cutting edges, certain safety protection should be carried out to avoid metal inclusions in the plastic raw materials. It is also a good way to install the magnetic adsorption device at the inlet, which can avoid metal damage to the cutting edge of the tool. It is essential for the maintenance of the shredder knives. At the same time, the shredder knife also needs to pay attention to rust prevention, to prevent some rust phenomenon caused by water leakage, rain, fingerprints, etc., and also to prevent the blade edge of the tool from being injured, resulting in uneven plastic smashing.

In order to improve the production efficiency of the shredder knife, the necessary users can reduce the edge damage caused by mechanical damage. At the same time, on small crushers, avoiding the injection of larger or harder plastics, more than 85% of the tool damage is caused by this, and once the tool is damaged, it cannot be repaired again, so it is necessary to avoid such a situation. It is related to the interests of plastics manufacturers.