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Sheet metal shearing blade industry is diversified
- Sep 25, 2018 -

After decades of development, China's economic level has been continuously improved, and the automobile industry has made the sheet metal industry develop rapidly. At present, China's automobile sheet metal is already a veritable big country, and the rapid development of the sheet metal industry has made the blade machine blade, The development of bending molds supports the development of the sheet metal industry to a certain extent.

With the continuous improvement of China's economic status and the continuous development of China's automobile and construction industry, the demand for stainless steel plates is increasing. The quality requirements for shearing blades for sheet metal cutting are also getting higher and higher, and the output of high-hardness blade products is increasing. In other countries, the increase in overseas demand has directly boosted the output of our sheet metal blade companies. In addition, the improvement of the precision of China's bending die products is also increasing the number of exports. The booming automobile sheet metal industry will provide a solid market foundation for the development of the blade cutting machine manufacturing industry.

As we all know, the diversification of the automobile industry avoids the problem of excessive management costs caused by integration; according to reports, China's automobile sheet metal industry diversification model is extremely important for resource integration and experience exchange among blade companies. win.

At the same time, the specialized and precise division of labor in the diversified mode of blades and bending dies is conducive to improving production efficiency and technological innovation, stimulating the company's competitive consciousness, and thus bringing the overall development of the industry economy.