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Quality selection method of veneer lathe knife
- Sep 11, 2018 -

Many factories need to use veneer lathe knives in the production process. Nowadays, the domestic market is full of veneer lathe knives of various prices and quality. How to choose a suitable knife is very important, so it is necessary to master the correct knife selection method. .

When purchasing a veneer lathe knife, it is necessary to first see whether the material of the cutting machine knife meets the production requirements of the factory. The material determines the quality and service life of the product in a large way. The material is better and more wear-resistant, and the use time is longer, which reduces the frequent purchase of the unit, thereby reducing the cost, improving the product qualification rate and increasing the benefit. Generally, the cost of a good-sized veneer lathe knife is relatively high, and the quality of the product is too low, and there is no quality guarantee. In the later production process, various problems will bring various unnecessary troubles and various losses.

In fact, the price, material and reputation of veneer lather knife are complementary. With good materials, the cost is relatively high, and the market price is relatively high. This is a good cycle process. Manufacturers and buyers must be clear at this point.

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