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Sharpening requirements for planer knife
- Sep 10, 2018 -

The correct sharpening is very important for the use of the planer knife, so we must master the correct sharpening method to ensure the excellent use of the cutting tool and further improve the service life of the product.

In the sharpening of the planing knife, the back of the blade is first ground to a wedge angle of 19-21 degrees with a sharpening machine, and then the blade is ground with a stone, the value depends on the nature of the wood being cut and the end of the rotary cutting. The minimum diameter of the remaining log, this work can be done, after the clamping screws at both ends of the blade are tightened, adjust the middle ejector, so that the blade can form an upward curvature, and then tighten all the clamping screws The mounting angle of the blade can be adjusted by turning the handwheel.

Knowing clearly and strictly complying with the sharpening requirements of the planing knife can ensure that the use of the tool meets our application requirements. This is the tool making and application information that manufacturers and users should be aware of.