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Main structure of three-sided cutting knife machine
- Aug 17, 2018 -

The three-sided cutting knife machine is mainly composed of an automatic stacking device, a horizontal book feeding device, a book feeding and positioning mechanism, a book pressing mechanism, a three-sided cutting knife mechanism, a book issuing mechanism, a transmission mechanism and the like. The three-sided cutting knife mechanism is related to us.

The three-sided knife adopts the compound drop motion mode (translation and rotation). When the three knife trimmer blade on both sides and the front knife fall, there is a phase difference. Most of them adopt the method of cutting both sides (the head and the foot) and cutting the front mouth. At present, the Wohlenberg trim-75i has a maximum cutting speed of 75 times/min rubber product, and the Zihong QS80 has a maximum cutting speed of 40 times/min. Kolbus HD151P knife on both sides adopts the pendulum movement mode. The knife on both sides and the front knife fall almost simultaneously, and the maximum cutting speed can reach 110 times/min. The three-side cutting mechanism is mainly composed of a side tool holder, a front tool holder, a blade, a gear crank drive system, a slider, a composite guide rail and the like. Under the joint action of the composite guide rail, the side knife and the front knife make a composite drop motion. The position of the front knife is a fixed package. The position of the knife on both sides is adjusted by the hand wheel, the screw or the servo motor and the screw.