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Tungsten carbide blade material and processing speed
- Aug 19, 2018 -

Tungsten carbide knife material and processing speed
The quality of the material is crucial for the machine knife. To achieve a high-performance material reform of the machine knife is a crucial step. Today we will take a tungsten carbide knife as an example.
The quality of the tungsten carbide knife not only affects the performance of the knife but also affects its service life. The tungsten carbide knife is a cemented carbide knife with a service life several times that of the general knife material, and its cutting material and speed. The range is also much better than the average.
Therefore, in order to improve the processing precision of tungsten carbide knife, high-quality surface quality must seriously consider the material selection of the knife. In short, the material of the blade is very important for the knife.
The choice of the cutting speed of the tungsten carbide milling cutter depends mainly on the material to be processed. The speed of the tungsten carbide milling cutter depends on the diameter of the knife. The specification for the cutting speed of tungsten carbide milling cutters is also available for reference.
However, the parameters of tungsten carbide milling cutters are also affected by various factors such as machine tools, tool systems, and tool materials. It should be selected according to the actual situation, and the choice of cutting speed of tungsten carbide milling cutter is selected according to the experience accumulated by the operator for many years.