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The principle and application characteristics of the slitting knife
- Jan 21, 2019 -

The slitting knife is a very precise tool, which has important significance in cutting material, overspeed operation and blade shape, sharpness and set parameters. The slitting knife can reduce the working speed and high at any time. Performance cut downtime.

The slitting knife is divided into an upper knife and a lower knife, and is mounted on the cutter shaft of the slitting machine, and uses the rolling shear principle to cut various capacitor papers, aluminum foil, metallized film, and film film having a thickness of 0.01 to 0.1 mm. , computer belts and tapes, etc. The newly developed electronic slitting knife can provide you with the highest quality package slitting products. Through the advanced "smart" function, you can get a continuous and stable product with only a small number of operators, and you can also provide automatic calibration in the case of stacking knives and pre-applied lateral forces that are often difficult to set up.

Slitting knife application features:

1: High accuracy and stability:

2: Full electronic stacking knife and lateral force control

3: Proper settings reduce blade wear

4: Reduce operating costs and reduce downtime

5: Simple and intuitive graphical user

application of slitting knife