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How to use ink color printing scraper professionally
- Jan 22, 2019 -

When a new ink squeegee is usually used, it takes a certain amount of time for the ink squeegee and the plate roll to become more intimate in the running-in in order to satisfy the adaptability of the ink squeegee and the plate roller, and the new ink squeegee is used. It needs to be pressed against the surface of the plate roller, and the plate roller can be embossed normally when the ink is running at high speed until the plate has no knives.

The new ink squeegee is generally incapable of scraping ink. The reason is that the ink squeegee needs to be polished in the last process of the production process. The manufacturer generally does not polish the ink squeegee too brightly because it is too thin. When the knife edge is heated, it will directly reduce the life of the ink blade. Therefore, when using a new ink blade, in order to meet the adaptability of the ink blade and the plate roller and the affinity of the ink, it takes a certain time for the ink blade to The plate roller becomes more intimate in the running-in, so the new ink blade needs to be pressed against the surface of the plate roller when the new ink blade is used. When the plate roller runs at high speed with the ink until the plate has no cutting line, the printing can be adjusted normally: adjusting the ink blade Angle, suitable pressure makes the printing machine run under high speed conditions to observe the layout, whether it is stable, observe whether there is any missing printing, whether there is a soft knife line, whether the position of the ink is reasonable, whether the viscosity is correct, and the situation of scraping on the printing surface such as ink scraper Whether the length is reasonable, so it must be evaluated in the case of telling (slightly higher than the actual printing speed, never The program to do, because it will cause more scrap).