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Usage of Shredder blade
- Nov 02, 2018 -

The shredder blade is a blade that is mainly used for crushing work in the plastics and rubber industries. Like other blades, it requires precise geometric tolerances to ensure job matching between the blade and the machine. Plastic shredder blades need to use high-quality steel, so that the blade has good sharpness and wear resistance, which is convenient for cutting operations. Because the pulverizing objects are different, there are different material requirements and blade angle requirements for the pulverizer blades for different purposes. Because it is required to maintain the sharpness of the cutting edge and to make the cutting edge have a certain strength and no chipping phenomenon occurs during use, the shredder tool and the power unit must be installed firmly. If long-term fixed operation of the pulverizer blade is required, it should be fixed on the cement foundation; if the pulverizer blade flow operation is required, the unit should be installed on the base made of angle iron to facilitate the movement of the blade machine during the later flow operation. . The introduction of the plastic shredder blade is here, and today I will talk about the use of the shredder blade:

1. After the shredder blade is installed, check the fastening condition of the fastener. If there is loose part, it should be tightened. Also check that the belt tightness is appropriate.

2. Before starting the shredder blade, first turn the rotor by hand to check whether the teeth, hammer and rotor are running flexibly and reliably. Whether there is collision in the crushing chamber, whether the rotation direction of the rotor is consistent with the direction indicated by the machine arrow, the power machine and The shredder blade is well lubricated.

3. Do not change the pulleys casually, in case the rotation speed is too high, causing the explosion chamber to explode, or the rotation speed is too low, which affects the working efficiency of the crusher.

4. After the shredder blade is started, it should be kept idling for 2~3min. After no abnormal phenomenon, it should be fed again.