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What kind of plastic shredder blade material is the most durable wear?
- Aug 29, 2018 -

Plastic shredder blades are more suitable for high-speed steel or high-carbon steel blades, which have high durability and low wear.
In addition to high wear resistance, the pulverizer blade has a certain degree of toughness, so the most wear-resistant ceramic blade is not suitable. High-speed steel blades with both toughness and wear resistance are the best choice. It is recommended to use W18Cr4V blades with relatively high output and low price.
In order to save the cost of blade manufacturing, the use of high carbon steel blades can basically meet the needs, and the suitable high-speed steel is T8 and T10.
In order to increase the wear resistance of the blade, it is also possible to spray a titanium coating on the surface of the blade, the spraying cost is relatively low, and the tool life can be increased by one to two times.