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A method to alleviate the decline of the service life of the toothed blade
- Jul 14, 2018 -

As tooth blade cutting speed and feed speed, improved HSC processing cutting tool in the life of lower generally need to take from the following aspects, reduce the service life of the serrated knife reduce as much as possible.

(1) select suitable tool materials according to the materials of workpiece processing. The cutting experiments on different materials show that the service life of different tool materials varies greatly or even exceeds a quantitative level. But of the workpiece material and material varieties, grades, and manufacturers are voluminous, confused to the sifting the optimal combination of specific, can only through the experiment and use for a long time experience.

(2) optimize geometric parameters of the toothed blade according to workpiece materials. Through cutting experiment found that appropriate increase after the blade Angle, as far as possible, shorten tool length of overhanging and HSC processing iron blade arc radius increases when appropriate, can improve the relative service life of cutting tools.

(3) optimized cutting parameters according to workpiece materials include cutting speed vc feed per tooth fz and radial cutting depth. Figure 2 test results show that with the change of the serrated knife material combination, aimed at the cutting tool relative life expectancy VCFZ cutter radial cutting depth and the best value also produces change, and has certain implications for relations between them.

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