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Replacement and maintenance of shredder knife
- Jul 15, 2018 -

Shredding knife as wearing parts, it is need to replace, shredding tool is more expensive, so in order to use the more economical and practical, we recommend that users to buy the shredding machine equipment to buy another set of backup tool, when the tool will need to replace direct replacement, then wear the shredder knife with a wear-resistant electrode welding but can continue to use after sharpen with knife grinder, so recycling economy practical and not delay the normal work of the shredding machine equipment operation, it is kill two birds with one stone.

Specification of shredder knife: single-axis shredder knife, double-axis shredder knife, four-axis shredder knife.

1. The knife has sharp and sensitive edge, so the alloy head must be carefully protected from damage during blade movement, installation and disassembly.

2. Regularly check the radial run-out of the main shaft of the machine (plus or minus 0.02mm) and the swing (plus or minus 0.01mm) to ensure the matching of the cutting edges of the shredder knives.

3. Before installing the shredder knife, the sundries on the spindle and flange plate must be removed. Flange plate surface should be flat, clean and shaft intersect each other vertically.

4. Use the largest possible flange can make the saw blade running more smoothly, flange size should agree, flange diameter size of saw blade 1/3 (flange) thin blade appropriate USES 1/2 d better cutting effect (especially thin knife).

5. The knife should be idled for 30 seconds after the installation is smooth, and the cutting work should be started after all the normal conditions are determined.

6. When the knife is installed, the flange nut must be properly tightened. The over-loose saw blade will slip when rotating cutting.

7. Before cutting, the operator of the blade must bring the protective equipment (protective glasses, dust mask, safety helmet, protective gloves) and check whether the protective cover of the saw machine is in good condition.

8. In case of the following situations, it shall be repaired in time

A) when the knife quality of the shredder no longer meets the requirements, b) when the energy consumption of the machine tool significantly increases

D) when the cutting edge of the alloy reaches 0.2mm, the wear on the cutting edge of the alloy reaches 0.2mm.