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The shredder blade for large - scale crushing operation should have characteristics
- Jul 14, 2018 -

Large crushers are an essential part of industrial production and we use them in many places. About the shredder blade, I think we will often hear is plastic crusher, the purpose of this type of crusher produced is in order to better resolve waste plastic in people's lives, whether for recycling and incineration.

A major part of the mill is no doubt its blade, we can literally, shredder blade is the soul of the mill parts, this part of course or can be replaced. The thickness of the blade and the cutting Angle of the blade combined on the machine will affect the working efficiency of the crusher and the cutting result. A good worker, on the other hand, can really use the machine skillfully, and be able to make a machine, a tool in his hands to play their greatest role.

The shredder blade is divided into all steel blade and insert steel blade. Both kinds of blades are abundant in the market. Shredder blade is divided into the knife and knife, which refers to the installation position and their usage, knife is fixed on the crushing machine, and the knife blade is we can adjust and control. We achieve our goal by adjusting the Angle between the rotary knife and the fixed knife -- to make the material more crushed and to better protect the blade.

The shredder blade is one thing that looks very simple, but its requirements are sometimes the same as very fine. It must have the following characteristics, impact - resistant, heat - resistant, wear - resistant. These are not only related to materials, but also to the shape of some blades and the Angle of combination. One tool that people are always very concerned about is how long it will last, and that has to do with many things.