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What is the internal structure of the wood shredder?
- Feb 10, 2019 -

The wood shredders of different manufacturers have similar shapes, but the internal structure has caused different actual effects. The internal structure mainly consists of the upper body, the inner liner, the crushing cutter, the lower body, the fan, the rotor, the discharge pipe, and the underframe. , bag filter and other components.

The inner lining plate increases the wear resistance of the equipment, and the dust removing device solves the dust pollution problem more humanized. Workers are not polluted by dust during operation, enter the smashing room, tell the rotating knives in the room, the tooth plates of the inner lining plate, and the added materials are quickly pulverized into powder after the strong impact of the cutters against high-speed collision and friction. shape. Due to the centrifugal force and the negative pressure of the lower chamber of the crusher, the finely divided material is forced to be sucked away by the fan through the screen and sent to the unloader by the fan. The dust-removing environmental protection function adsorbs the dust. There is no dust during the operation.

The wood shredder feed port uses wood powder granules with a full stainless steel door cover and chute and feeder. Feeding adopts frequency conversion speed feeding to ensure uniform feeding, ensure the life of mechanical equipment is prolonged, product quality is improved, and consumption per ton is reduced. Using advanced manufacturing processes, you can customize a variety of good molds for your various wood shredders. The wood pulverizer effectively solves the problem that the biomass coarse fiber is difficult to granulate and has poor effect. The main drive adopts high-precision gear transmission and adopts a quick-discharge hoop type.