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Cutting of stainless steel plates, the proportion of shear blades of Cr12MoV is increasing
- Jul 23, 2018 -

Due to the high wear resistance and hardness of the shearing machine blade made of Cr12MoV steel, it has a good reputation in the shear processing of stainless steel plates. In the domestic shearing tool market, the proportion of Cr12MoV steel shearing machine blades Increasing. In order to obtain the best shearing effect and efficiency in the processing of hard plates such as stainless steel plates, the user must select a material with a heat treatment hardness of more than HRC of 58 °C, in order to be able to maintain the cutting edge in the shearing of various loads of the plate. Strength and sharpness, get rid of the embarrassment of frequent knife changes and frequent sharpening.


At present, some hot-shearing shearing machine blades need to adopt high-quality steel that can withstand high temperature, supplemented by precision vacuum heat treatment, in order to achieve the performance of being able to withstand a certain temperature without annealing. With the rapid development of tool design, manufacturing and use technology, and the increasing production of shears, some high-efficiency machine tools still cannot fully meet the requirements of mass production. The number of production equipment in many enterprises is still further. The space for development. From the user's point of view, they prefer that the cutting efficiency of the tool is higher, without worrying about the poor material, resulting in poor wear resistance of the product.


Analyze the user's requirements for the shearer blade, some companies need incomplete quality tools, and can only achieve a certain production solution. Nowadays, the production of shearing machine blades often needs to meet the shape and precision required by users. As for the technical methods used to achieve the quality requirements, the users do not care about them at all. Their focus is only on the machine tools. Meet the intended use requirements. Now, as a tool for sheet metal cutting, the price of shearing machine blades has become a weapon in the competitive market, especially for some products that are not demanding, and the price cannot be higher than that of similar products in order to obtain better sales.