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Differences of Cr12MoV and 6CrW2Si for guillotine shear knife
- Aug 24, 2018 -

Differences of Cr12MoV and 6CrW2Si for guillotine shear knife

Alloy tool steel Cr12MoV steel has high hardenability, cross section is 300 ~ 40 0 ㎜ Cr12Mov large diameter round steel, can be completely hardening during 300 ~ 40 0 ℃ can still maintain good hardness and wear resistance, high toughness is Cr12 steel, hardened volume change is minimal. It can be used to manufacture various moulds and tools with large cross section, complex shape and large impact load. For example, the complex shape of punch die, insert on the complex mold, steel deep drawing die, drawing die, thread cutting die, cold extrusion die, cold cutting scissors, circular saw, standard cutter, measuring tool, and so on.Steel for 6CrW2Si impact resistance tool, similar in composition, performance and 5CrW2Si, with higher hardenability and high temperature strength. The 6CrW2Si alloy tool steel is usually used as the tool which bears the impact load but needs high wear resistance, such as the wind tool, chisel and the result mold under heavy load, cold shear blade, air hammer etc.