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Factors affecting the life of the guillotine knife
- Aug 11, 2018 -

The guillotine knife of the paper cutter directly affects the efficiency of the paper cutter. Therefore, once the paper cutter knife is finished, it will have a great impact on the work. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the service life of the cutter blade and what factors. There are relationships.


First of all, the material of the paper cutter blade should be passed through. The cutter is made of high-hardness chrome-tungsten-manganese steel with high-hardness chrome-tungsten steel and the cutter body is made of low-carbon steel. The durability of the tool is directly proportional to the hardness of the blade. Secondly, the quality of the sharpening knife, the higher the quality of the sharpening knife, the longer the service life of the cutting knife, the better the cutting quality. Finally, whether the paper cutting knife edge  is blunt or not is directly related to the wear resistance of the material to be cut. The speed at which the blade becomes dull when cutting the paper is related to the softness and hardness of the paper and the amount of ash.


The above is the main factor affecting the guillotine knife, I hope it's helpful.