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Solutions for bad cutting of paper cutters
- Aug 11, 2018 -

As a professional equipment in the paper processing industry, the paper cutting machine can cause various defects such as product quality degradation, material waste, and equipment damage. Therefore, when the cutting machine product has poor cutting conditions, it should be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid further serious problems.


There are two main types of poor cutting of the paper cutter.

The first one is that the paper cutter is inverted and the paper press is operating normally, but the cut paper is not perpendicular to the work surface, and the paper quality is deviated. This is basically because the cutting edge of the cutter is not suitable, and the cutter should be replaced as soon as possible.


In the second case, the paper cutter has a slow red return speed during the paper cutting process, and the cut product tangential line is in a slope state. This situation is very obvious due to insufficient pressure of the paper cutter press, as long as the pressure is increased, the effect can be achieved very well.


It can be seen that the quality factor of the material of the paper cutter is concentrated on the cutter and the paper press to a large extent. As long as the two problems are solved reasonably, the problem of poor cutting is solved.