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Causes the paper cutter knife to cut paper more than twice once press button
- Aug 12, 2018 -

In the long-term use of the paper cutter, there will be more or less failures, such as the knife phenomenon. What is the continuous knife phenomenon, it refers to when the paper cutter is operated, when the "cut" button is pressed, if the paper cutter knife does not operate normally, or continuously run up and down twice or more. The continuous knife is mainly caused by the failure of the cutting knife limit switch, the failure of the upper limit switch or the relay contact to be stuck or sluggish. These faults can affect the normal use of the paper cutter. The paper cutter manufacturer today gave you a detailed explanation of the reasons for the phenomenon of continuous knife:


1. If the limit switch is not disconnected, the limit forming switch is out of control. Usually, the limit switch of the paper cutter has two contacts. As long as the group that forms the idle switch is used, the probability of power failure can be increased. If the cost is constant, the contact causes the failure. The probability will be much lower.


2. The cutting control relay of the paper cutter is frequently used for a long time, which will increase the impact of carrying the inductive high current, resulting in contact cold welding adhesion or slow operation, slow power failure, resulting in continuous knife failure. It is recommended to replace the contacts of the relay every few months.


3. If the brake device is suddenly powered off, the socket is loose, etc., it will also cause problems with the knife.