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Five precautions for the use of the shredder blade
- Jul 15, 2018 -

Shredding machine blade can be used for general difficult pieces broken plastic, rubber, fiber, paper, wood, electric parts, cables and other solid material, such as: shuikou expected, plastic head, PET bottles, cardboard, circuit board, wood, plastic, etc. Sometimes it is also necessary to break particularly hard materials, such as: nylon, ABS, PC and other high-strength engineering plastics, so the requirements for blades are relatively high, to achieve wear-resistant and not broken edges.

Shredding machine blade in the resources recycling industry has already been widely used, but some matters of the use of the shredding machine knife do not pay attention to it will cause some problems, easy to cause the blade and the machine is damaged,

1. In the process of transporting the cutter blade of the shredder, it is necessary to pack it in wooden cases.

2. Before installation, the condition of the blade must be carefully checked. If there are gaps in the blade and tooth loss, please contact the manufacturer for replacement. Also pay attention to the Angle of the blade. The blade is biased.

3. When installing, be careful to handle and handle with care. If the blade of the shredder is too heavy, 2-3 people shall be required to install it together.

4. The blade after installed, want to check the shredding machine blade and the spacing between the casing and presence of foreign bodies, make sure the thickness of the spacer slightly thicker than the blade, a two pieces of dao malocclusion with bad blade.

5. Run the shredding machine operators must do a good job protection, after carrying out forward reverse machine no problem, you can into the machine tool in the working chamber volumes for commissioning.

More work done, you can safely trust of use shredding machine and shredding machine blade, must pay attention to shred the material don't have strong foreign body, such as steel pieces so it is easy to cause the knife claws split even split blade as a whole, so as to damage the blade and shredding machine.