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Notes for use of large shearing machine blade
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Large shear blades are not allowed to shear composite steel plate material, does not need to trim flash the edges of the plate material, does not need not tightly on the shear of narrow sheet metal, not only that, large plate shears blade should maintain a sharp blade, once appear, change dull or split phenomenon, will change in time or grinding.

Of the gap between shearing machine tools is also key, it is best to adjust according to the thickness of the sheet metal, keep it in the allowed range, when large shear machine is working, pressure loading device should be firmly ground pressure plate, not shear under the state of pressure is not tight, so as to avoid accidents.

From plate shears blade manufacturers is to size, shearing machine also has a large blades in the blade, plate shears blade as very important in terms of forging machinery accessories is widely applied in every field, shear plane can obtain good linear degree and parallel degree, ensure the workpiece quality.