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What kind of paper cutter knife/ guillotine knife should the paper cutter use?
- Aug 10, 2018 -

As the paper processing industry develops faster and faster, the major printing industry and paper industry concepts are rapidly updated, and they are willing to spend money on paper cutter configuration, but there are some deep-rooted ideas. For example, in the use of paper cutters, some users may choose semi-finished paper cutting knives, and some users choose finished paper cutting knives, so what is the difference between them?


The difference between the two paper cutters is that one has no punching, no open, and one can be used directly. Why is this so? This is mainly because the early processing level in our country is too low. Because the standards of various brands of paper cutters are different, it is very difficult to master the position of the hole. In addition, the paper cutter knife in the factory is not opened because the opening is after the opening. The paper cutting knife is easy to hurt people, and some English and female users will choose a semi-finished blade.


Fortunately, however, the industry is currently developed, and the various types of paper cutters have unified the specifications of the blades used. At the same time, the cutter blade manufacturers basically adopt semi-automatic production, and the blade of the blade is rarely seen. Therefore, at present, the finished paper cutter is basically used.


Then again, there are many types of paper cutter blades, among which high-speed steel knives and ordinary alloy steel blades are common. For these two, how should we make a choice?


China's paper cutter and foreign technology gap

The choice of paper cutter is related to the production effect of the later products. And the actual value of the paper cutter is mainly reflected in the paper cutter knife. Therefore, the choice of paper cutter knife/guillotine knife is very important. Therefore, people recommend that you choose high-speed steel paper cutting knives, mainly because high-speed steel knives are a kind of high hardness, high wear resistance, high heat resistance, and are very suitable for cutting machine blades. In addition, for high-speed steel knives, the service life of ordinary alloy steel blades is much higher than that of alloy steel blades.